The last week.

I’ll write more in my very last post, so I’ll save all the sap for that one. Here’s pictures from the last week in London!IMG_1179


Some guy was painting on the little gum and unidentifiable gunk on Millennium Bridge. I thought the idea was so clever and unique, and as you walked across the bridge you got to see clusters of people oo-ing and aw-ing over the little spots he’d already finished.


So many birds! No wonder that “feed the birds” song from Mary Poppins takes place on the steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral.



Apparently you can sneak on to the top of the London Centre? It was way higher than I expected and my fear of heights kicked in way fast, but I’m glad I went up just once.



This picture makes me cringe so much, but I couldn’t not post it. Once upon a time I found these sunglasses for £6 at Camden Market and they make me look like a giant pink bug and also like that snap filter and I love it. I was showing them to my roommates and then Rachel stuck her hipster hat on me to be funny and theeeeennnnn everyone decided I look like Harry Styles. It was tragic and hilarious and I still love those sunglasses.


Visited Jane Austen’s house and couldn’t pass up an opportunity to dress up just like her. My favorite thing is that I was wearing my sparkly pink sneakers which may not have been time period appropriate but which matched color wise.



We laid on the floor of Tower Bridge for a solid 15 minutes and it both freaks me out and makes me really happy.


Hi there St. Paul’s!


We went to Easter mass at St. Paul’s Cathedral and let me tell ya, it was awesome. The cathedral itself is BEAUTIFUL, and seriously, when are we going to be able to do that again? So so glad we went.


Love them, love 27 Palace Court.

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