Paris, day 4, aka I sold my soul to museums.

The title of this post is the most accurate way I can think to describe the day. I know you can’t go to Paris without spending a considerable amount of time in museums, but still, I’m not the biggest museum person. They make me sleepy, so I end up yawning nonstop while staring at great works of art. I’m not even kidding when I say that I got in trouble for falling asleep on a window seat in the Rodin museum. So the fact that I hit three museums in one day and was pretty okay with it is a downright miracle.


The view from inside the Louvre pyramid. Is this real life?


All the selfies with the Mona Lisa, because let’s be real, she’s the reason I went inside the Louvre. Can’t believe this is my real life.


Also, seeing as how running snapchat is literally my job, how could I not add the dog filter?



Stripey twins in Paris! I love Anja. And I love how she keeps trying to help me pronounce French right, even if I can’t stop saying all the letters.


Rodin’s the Thinker! Even though according to Rachel this isn’t even the real one. While I got in trouble for sleeping, (whoops) she explored more of the museum but neglected to tell me that the real thinker was upstairs, not out in the gardens. I gave her such a hard time about it because she didn’t tell me until the second we stepped out of the museum. She didn’t not tell me on purpose, but the timing was so perfect.


Just thinking about when we’re going to eat our next croissant.


Rachel posed me and snapped this pic and then added the best caption, which I then proceeded to steal for the snap of my crepe.



LOOK AT THIS LITTLE GIRL. The hat, the skirt, the twirling. I DIED. But to clarify, I didn’t take this picture because I’m creepy, I took it because i wanted that perfect half circle ferris wheel peeking out over the hedges, and the little girl just happened to be in the picture.



I miss just taking portraits. Photographing people, not places. Although, I’m not complaining. I’ll travel and take pictures of pretty places for the rest of my life. But still, taking this portrait scratched this itch in my soul I hadn’t realized was there.



Thomas Jefferson! Even if Hamilton makes him seem like a bad guy, Jefferson will always be my favorite founding father.


Inside the Musée d’Orsay. Is it blasphemy to say I like this museum more than the Louvre? Granted, I actually looked around at the artwork in here, but still.


It’s hard to remember a time when I didn’t hang out with Rachel Winters 24/7.



I love love love seeing brushstrokes and paint globs on artwork. It makes them so much more real when you see the actual, physical paint up close.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen this painting, but I love it. I even bought a postcard with it on it to put up on my wall in my apartment back in the States.


Sacre-Coeur, again! And with that, I said goodbye to Paris.

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