Paris day 3, in which I side with the French revolutionaries.


Ok, how cool is this? This is Chartres cathedral, and around the cloister there are statue representations of Christ’s life. Here is where he’s healing the blind. I think this is my favorite thing I’ve seen out of all of the cathedrals we’ve gone in this semester.



So. much. LOVE.


The entrance to Versailles! Look at all that gold. As soon as we pulled up to the gates I understood why the starving French peasants would have been just the tiniest bit annoyed with their king and queen for living so lavishly.



This guy cracked me up. How often do you see marble busts cracking a smile?



The Hall of Mirrors! It took us forever to find this room, considering it was our main objective the whole time we were inside. It was so so beautiful though. Mirrors basically instead of walls, crystal chandeliers, a ceiling that was just covered in art work, and gold in all of the left over spaces. Amazing. I mean seriously, this was someone’s house? I can’t handle it.



Even though I call myself a professional photographer, not to mention a competent millennial, I still manage to take selfies with my finger covering the camera, and I don’t realize until I’m on the bus back to the hotel.



This view of the grounds reminded me a little of Hampton Court Palace. I love love love little lakes surrounded by greenery!


This part of the grounds reminded me of the Kenneth Branaugh/Emma ThompsonĀ Much Ado About Nothing. I felt like Beatrice and Benedick when they’re dropping all of their witty lines as I wandered through the green hallways.



I did my job and got macarons in France! I have only had macarons one other time in my life, and it’s a real shame that I didn’t start eating them earlier. I mean, maybe not a shame for my wallet, but for my mouth? So sad. And they’re just the prettiest things to photograph!

Wow, I just looked at how many more photos I have and I forgot what a jam packed day Wednesday was! Quite possibly my favorite day in Paris, even though most of it wasn’t even spent in the city.

On our way back from Versailles, we made a quick stop at the Paris temple, which opens up for public tours in just another week or two. Dr. Kirkham pulled some strings and got us entrance to the gardens for a hot second, and so we all crowded around the gate to get inside. We were all waiting to get in when we looked inside and saw Elder Anderson! And Bishop Causse! Other people had hunches that some Mormon celebrities were here because there was a lot of international police, but I didn’t even think about it. It was so cool to be there with an apostle, especially because we got to meet him! He came up to the gates and let us in and said hello, and we got to shake his hand. So so cool, and the temple was just beautiful, and it was the most beautiful day. IMG_1019IMG_1026IMG_1032IMG_1033


I didn’t even pay attention to who was shaking his hand, I just wanted a picture of Elder Anderson. But I snapped this right as Steve was meeting him, which was so cool because Steve is one of the very few non-LDS professors at BYU! So to see him meet someone that is so important to the LDS Church was neat.


I love love love every single copy of this statue. I just love the Savior.


My heart! Never have classmates felt more like family.


Ok, here’s my favorite actually-in-Paris activity. I wanted to go to the top of the Arc de Triomphe and look out over the Champs Elysees, and also I love sunsets, so going to the top of the Arc as the sun was setting was just the best thing. Plus, after hiking up the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe felt like nothing, I was barely out of breath. And then everywhere you looked the sun was in a different stage of setting, and you could see the Eiffel Tower and Sacre Coeur and a ferris wheel and the Champs Elysees was lined with green trees and the beginnings of twinkling lights. Every time I come back to Paris I think I’ll have to do this.IMG_1056IMG_1057IMG_1059IMG_1060IMG_1061IMG_1062


Look at how green that building is!



Hi my name is Mallory and I can’t take a jumping picture to save my life.



Oh, the Eiffel Tower at night. After going to the top of the Arc, we went to a spot the whole centre loved to watch it sparkle. Every night at 9pm, for 5 minutes, the lights on the Tower twinkle and it’s just the most magical thing. And this view point was perfect- close enough that you could behold all of the glorious, sparkly beauty, but far enough away that you could see the whole tower at once. I feel like so many people warned me about Paris- telling me it was crowded and dirty and not as great as I would be expecting. And maybe it was because I didn’t have high expectations, but Paris, you weren’t half bad! In fact, at times you even blew me away.

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