Paris day 2, the happiest place on earth, aka Disneyland.


Disneyland! I’ve only been to Disneyland one other time in my life, and that was when I was maybe 4. I remember next to nothing, just snippets of that day, like jumping in to a princess’s arms and my dad playing the Beast in a mini performance. So it was fun to go back as a 21 year old and see what all the hype is about! I didn’t feel like we saw a lot of characters, so it felt a lot like Universal and other amusement parks. But it was so fun! Disney does not mess around- everything is thought of and they put their whole hearts into every aspect of the park.IMG_0896


I had to take at least one pic on the teacups! Look at those faces.


Speaking of faces to look at, I learned that the teacups will make me sick. So many things to look at, it was going so fast, I had to close my eyes to save my sanity. Once I couldn’t see anything though, it was really fun!



It’s a small world! I didn’t even find the song annoying because I was too busy being sappy thinking about how small the world feels after this semester. Looking at all the different costumes and scenes from around the world and thinking about all of the places I’ve gotten to travel to this semester- it just made my heart happy.


London! Home!



So many pictures of the castle, but it’s pink so can you blame me?



Speaking of pink…



Ok, Tower of Terror is the worst thing ever. They’re closing it down to turn it into something else, so we had to ride it, but never again. Rachel and I were holding on to each other for dear life, and there were seconds at a time where we were falling so much that I wasn’t even in my seat, just floating above it. I think my voice is still a little hoarse from all of the screaming I did.


And, of course, the castle at sunset. We all know I can’t pass up a colorful sky!

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