Random fun things that have happened this week because London is just the coolest.


Yes, I also find random crosswalk poles to be great coatracks.

London is just the coolest. Even after three months, I’m still having some of the best days of my life. Like on Monday, I met Daniel Radcliffe! And he was just the chillest, friendliest person ever. I mean seriously. Lindsey apologized as he was signing her ticket, saying that all of the selfie taking and signing must get repetitive. And he replied with a smile and said, “oh no, you guys are my first today, so it’s not a problem, it’s fun!” And he took a funny face selfie with Brooklyn and was just so genuinely happy! More of a highlight than I expected it to be. Oh yeah, and I guess seeing him act in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead was cool too. Now Ben can’t tease me about never reading it!




My face in this picture is an accurate representation of how (embarrassingly) ridiculously starstruck I was in this moment.

You know what is a surprisingly great idea? Indian food for breakfast. You know what makes an already great idea even better? Pretty plates, colorful food, and the most gorgeous window light that is dream lighting for portraits and food photography.


Fire toast! The name confused me until Rachel explained that probably it was called that because it was literally chargrilled over a fire.


See what I mean about killer portrait lighting?!

Speaking of food, I love croissants. I’ve probably gone to Tesco to get one every day for the past week. Tuesday night we were in Tesco getting snacks for our field trip the next day, and all the single croissants were gone for the day. I saw a box of four of them and said aloud, mostly to myself, “I think I’m going to get four croissants.” I didn’t realize there was a Tesco worker right behind me, and as he walked past he said, “yeah, treat yourself!” And I just about died laughing. As did all of my friends who overheard him.

Also, not picture but I want to remember it someday when I’m reading through this blog, I got to go to an Ed Sheeran concert! Not only that, but we had standing seats and were three rows from the front the whole night, and we only got closer as people left. He was a-MA-zing. It was just him on stage with nothing but a guitar and a loop pedal, which man oh man did he know how to use. He would start out banging the front of his guitar to get some bass, and after establishing that he would go on to cool guitar riffs and just layer them on top of each other until he was ready to start singing. So so cool. He’s so talented and sounded exactly like he does on his albums. I left seriously so impressed. And partially deaf.

Harry Potter Studios! I’ve been rereading the Harry Potter books this semester (have I mentioned that yet?) and I’m currently halfway through the sixth and I love them even more than I remembered. It’s weird to reread a childhood fave years later. I forgot a lot! As I’m typing all this out I’m kind of remembering typing it up before, so probably I’ve already gushed about it. Anyways, the studio tour is insane and awesome and amazing and basically 10/10 would recommend.

A couple fun facts- they filmed some of Hagrid’s hut scenes in Glencoe, Scotland, which was super cool because I’ve been there! And they based the inside of the Ministry of Magic off of old Victorian buildings on Tottenham Court Road, which was a familiar name because there’s a tube stop there. I love how familiar the UK is that now I’m like, oh yeah, I know where that is.


For some reason these blue skies and warehouse-y building gave me the biggest flash of Utah homesickness. At the end of this month I’ll be back in my mountainous home!



I thought this was just the coolest. A lot of the props were little allusions to the people who worked on the movies, so a bunch of these paintings are actually portraits of people who worked on the set. Cool, huh?


Forced perspective! The three of us were actually sitting pretty close together, but because of the way the set is built it looks like the room is bigger and we’re farther apart.


Hogwarts Express!



Ok, so this picture cracks me up. We had watched the people ahead of us and knew that a dementor-esque face was going to pop up. The guy taking our picture told us to look scared and look out the window, and even though I knew something was going to pop up, I still got scared! Like, jump in my seat and scream scared. We about died laughing afterwards.



Butterbeer, and BUTTERBEER ICE CREAM. Forget the drink, the ice cream is where it’s at. Amazing.


This is so cute to me because it looks exactly like the bus stops all over London.


I bought a chocolate frog in Diagon Alley! Well, not in Diagon Alley, but pretty dang close.



Another cute little touch- all of the wands used in Ollivander’s were given names for the over 4,000 people who worked on the movie sets.


In other random unrelated news, we drove past Trafalgar Square on our way of London on Wednesday and it gave me a major Oxford flashback. We took a bus tour through London then and I remember driving past Trafalgar Square and seeing the giant lions and the huge thumbs up and thinking it was the most random little plaza. And now it’s a super familiar site to me. Oh how times have changed. I love how familiar London, and England, are to me.

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