The largest castle in England and the White Cliffs of Dover!



France is somewhere over there where the horizon line is… I’ll be waving back across the English Channel from Paris in just a few days!


On Wednesday we went to Dover and Canterbury! I’m a little castle and cathedral-ed out at this point, but I still learned some pretty cool fun facts! Apparently Dover Castle is the largest castle in England, and it was used in the filming of a bunch of things, including Avengers: Age of Ultron and the new Into the Woods movie. Plus, there are these underground tunnels there that they used in World War II to rescue the British troops from Dunkirk, just across the English Channel in France. It was cool, because these tunnels are inside the white cliffs, so our tour guid told us that we had the ultimate one-up comment because we can say that not only have we seen the White Cliffs of Dover, but we’ve been inside them.IMG_0528IMG_0535


Pretty much if there’s a patch of grass larger than 2 inches in England it’s now spotted with little white daisies. It makes me so happy because flowers and spring but also because that was one of my favorite things about the grounds at Lady Margaret Hall three years ago.



The White Cliffs of Dover! With the oh so lovely addition of modern industry and buildings.



I was testing lighting so this was 100% unposed but Rachel ended up looking like a model and I love it.



Hi English Channel!


Really digging this rocky, pebble filled beach. I didn’t leave all sandy, plus it was way easier to walk on. Big fan of you, Dover.



They had a mirror just chillin on a podium in Canterbury Cathedral so you could check out the fancy ceiling without killing your neck. How thoughtful!

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