Flowers are my love language.



Kailee’s henna just makes this photo even more hipster and it cracks me up.

I feel like every time I blog or post on social media lately it’s about how much I love spring in London. And this time is no different. FLOWERS. Can we just talk about them for a sec? I love them. I think I’ve always like them but this year I have a weird obsession with them. I can’t get enough! And then when you mix flowers with Thai food, (aka two of my favorite things) it’s like the best day ever. The Churchill Arms pub is literally a five minute walk from me, so I don’t know why I haven’t been eating here every day, but it was so fun to go yesterday because now that the weather is warming up, the pub is living up to it’s famous reputation and covering itself with flowers. Isn’t it gorgeous? Also, they didn’t have yellow curry so I was forced to branch out in my Thai food, and I was not disappointed. Pad Siew is heavenly and I’ve been thinking about it pretty much non stop since we left. After Thai we stopped by Fenton’s to grab ice cream, and with a cute yellow wall right there, it was too perfect of an instagram moment to pass up, even if the picture will never see any social media platforms.

After lunch, we headed over to Parliament Square. The terrorist attack last Wednesday definitely shook the city, but it’s been interesting to see how differently London has handled the attach versus how this would be handled in America. There’s been no discussion about how all Muslims are terrorists, people aren’t walking around in fear, there has been no anger. I’ve loved London for years, but now I have so much respect for this city and how she handles conflict. The people have come together in a quiet and beautiful act of defiance in regards to terror, covering Parliament Square with bouquets of flowers and handwritten cards. It’s calming and welcoming despite the chaos from just a week ago.IMG_0435IMG_0446IMG_0448


Someone left Doritos. I mean, I guess it’s an act of love?



I definitely laid on the ground, in the midst of swarms of people, on Westminster Bridge, to get this picture. I’m very proud of my photographer skills.


I wasn’t kidding about lying on the ground. Don’t worry, I had a germaphobe moment as soon as I stood up and saw just how much dried up gum I had lied down in. I didn’t get any one me though! All lingering germs were invisible.



See? Not even a week after the attack and yet Parliament Square was busier than I’ve ever seen it, people lazily lying in the grass and others reflectively admiring the flowers. Londoners have really proved their resilience to me this past week.


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