Forget homesickness, I’ll take days like Saturday every day forever and ever.



These pink sparkly disco ball-esque shoes. Oh I love them.


So many people! I think all of London had the same idea as us. You can’t blame us- it was such a nice day and I would take days like it over and over again.

Saturday was the type of day that I could relive every day and not get tired of. It was sunny and almost warm enough to not need a jacket, so Abigail, Kailee, Lindsey, Anja, Austin, Brooklyn, and I decided to head to the park and enjoy the beautiful day. We tried to get Santander bikes to ride through the parks, but it seems that everyone had the same idea, so we weren’t able to find 7 bikes for all of us to use. We did get two, so Austin and Gail took those, and the other five of us decided to rent a paddleboat! It was the chilliest part of the day for sure, thanks to the water, but it was so fun. We had picked up picnic lunches at Tesco so we snacked on the boat and sang along to Disney songs and Ed Sheeran’s new album (my roommate Allie and Lindsey and Kailee have converted me to Ed Sheeran) and the sun was shining and it was just lovely.

After the paddle boats, we headed back to the center where we all ordered in food and played speed and bananagrams for a couple of hours. Anja and I also worked on our Duolingo languages (she took a couple years of French so she’s helping me out with my pronunciation- according to the app I’m already 2% fluent! Which obviously means I’m going to kill it in Paris;-)), and apparently the Centre has revived trivia crack and words with friends, so I sold my soul and redownloaded those apps. I’m losing miserably most of the time but it’s fun to be apart of the party. As it got later, we decided to watch Moana, which I still hadn’t seen! And people are right, the music is great and the animation is beautiful. Also, Lin-Manuel Miranda is just great so of course Moana was going to be great.

Basically, Saturday was my favorite kind of day. Beautiful weather, fun and laid back plans, good food, and amazing friends that I can’t imagine living without. It’s crazy to think that just three months ago I didn’t know a single one of these people, and now we’re going to a show every other night and planning weekend road trips to Vegas when we get back home. The people I’ve met are another reason I will recommend study abroads to literally everyone ever. Life long friends that I will love and be so grateful for forever and ever.



Our lovely manpower. Without them we would have been completely at the mercy of the wind and other boats, much like in bumper cars.



This group of boats all got together and that woman in the green jacket at the end stuck out her arm to get a selfie. We were going to go crash it but then they started moving across boats and standing up and rocking their paddle boats (which is against the rules) and we got scared and went the other way.


Towards the end of our hour long foray in to the lake, the wind just took poor Brooklyn out and she hunkered down to try to preserve what little warmth she had left.


Spring! Featuring a blurry but happy Abigail.


DO you see those daisies sprinkled all over that green grass? Spring!!!


What would this post be without a picture of a cronut? Mom is trying to convince me to bring a box of them home for her. We’ll see if I can fit them in my suitcase.


Aaaaaaand to take us out, our room has recently acknowledged our Cadbury button dependency, and now as soon as someone mentions they’re running to Tesco, pretty much everyone starts handing them pound coins and asking them to grab a bag of chocolate pretty please.

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