The last of Switzerland! And oh how I love London in bloom.


Paninis on the water! Also, there’s Brenda! This is the only picture we managed to get with her the entire trip.


Chilly, rainy, and windy, but we love to see the temple!



It took me a second to realize, but the flowers in front of the Bern Temple make the temple!

IMG_0237The Bern temple makes the 7th temple I’ve been able to go inside since receiving my endowments. It was awesome! Our session was in Italian, so we got to use the headsets, which was really fun. Also, apparently the Bern temple was the first temple in Europe, and the first multilingual temple the Church built. It was built to stand as a symbol of unity and peace, so neutral, peaceful Switzerland with it’s four national languages was the perfect choice. I say this every time I go, but I just love love the temple. It feels like home.

IMG_2371I missed my London. There’s nothing like leaving for a couple days and then coming back to make me realize how much London feels like home. Walking down Palace Court and up the stairs to the Centre is such a familiar feeling. Plus, flowers have started blooming here and it’s just making me fall even more in love with London, which I thought was impossible. I know it’s cliche and obnoxious, but I’m really just feeling so #blessed these days for this experience.


Aaaaaaand a silly snapchat to take us out.

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