This sweet slope worker spoke like next to no English, but Brenda made him get in the photo and he loved it. And I loved it too, even if he reeked of cigarette smoke.



When we got tired of skiing down the bunny hill, we pulled out the sleds. And it was the most fun thing ever.


Still can’t believe we both fit on the sled, and that we actually went down the mountain. So fun!


I’m telling ya, this guy was a photo ham. So great.



Switzerland! Oh how I loved Switzerland. I fell totally head over heels for this country faster than I thought.

We stayed with family friends of Brooklyn. Her mom was best friends with Brenda back when Brooklyn was 3 and both families were living in Utah, and then the Bradshaw’s invited us to come stay with us at their chalet in Vevey. It turns out that we know some of the same families from Georgia too, so small world, right? They were so so awesome- Brenda drove us all over the place and was the best tour guide, Scott let me pick his brain on how to live abroad, and Sarah was darling and had the most amazing accent.

The first day we went skiing in the Alps. Let me say that again- WE WENT SKIING IN THE ALPS. I’m pretty sure I talked about this when I blogged about Venice, but this was so cool because it was a bucket list item I never actually thought I’d cross off. Never in my life have I thought I would say I went skiing in the Alps, and then, I did! We went to Verbier, and we may have only done the bunny hill, but I count it. It had amazing views and the weather was so warm we stripped off our coats and just had a blast.

After skiing, we headed in to Geneva! It’s about an hour away, and we got to drive through beautiful mountains and I just drooled out the window the whole time. Apparently we even crossed over in to France because we’re so close to the border. Who knew? Also, I can’t get over how close all these countries are and how everyone just country hops like it’s no big deal. I love it.


The Church building in Geneva! I love how it has red/pink accents rather than green. Also, it’s right next to a gas station and a place called Supreme Taco that had the most amazing burrito. It was basically the chicken from yellow curry with cheese sauce and french fries wrapped up in a tortilla and grilled. It. was. AWESOME. Never thought I’d have my favorite burrito ever in Switzerland, but really, anything with french fries and thai food and cheese together is bound to be amazing.


The bathroom in the church building was purple! And the bathroom in my church building in London is pink. Europe and their colorful buildings. They kill me. I love it.


Switzerland loves these “magic carpets.” They have them at the ski resorts, in the malls, in the grocery stores even! They’re about as common as escalators, and they let you take your carts between floors.



The stacked monochrome buildings reminded me of Italy just a tiny bit.


This is fun! In the parks, they have giant chess/checkers boards painted on the ground (and rows of ping pong tables) and people just gather and play each other. I love the little boy in the corner moving the checkers pieces.


It’s totally a group social event! Around all of these boards were groups of men drinking bear and analyzing the chess board. I love it.



The Reformation Wall! Without these men (John Calvin, Martin Luther, etc) Joseph Smith wouldn’t have had the freedom to pray about what Church to join, and the Church never would have been restored. Super grateful for these men and their sacrifices for religious freedom.



Little glimpse of the Geneva geyser and also this view of the sunset over the beautiful buildings reminded me a lot of Italy and our view from the top of the Spanish steps.



Spring was making a couple appearances in Geneva, and it’s doing the same in London, and I’m just SO. EXCITED. I can’t wait to get home and pull out all my sandals and short sleeves, especially since I’ll be going south and Georgia and Utah are already way warmer than London.



The Geneva flower clock! This had my name all over it. It’s in bloom year round, and it’s just such a beautiful little spot in the middle of the city.



The Geneva geyser! It’s in the middle of Geneva Lake and is 14o meters tall.


The UN building! How beautiful is that? Life dream- work as an interpreter at the UN, live in Geneva, travel all over Europe in my spare time. Totally doable, right?


This GIANT broken chair is right across from the UN building and it symbolizes fragility and also strength and serves as a reminder for all nations to take care of the citizens of the world and protect them from terrorism and unnecessary evil.



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