Switzerland day 2, in which I eat nothing but bread and cheese and chocolate.



I have so many pictures of the Alps and I’m not even sorry.



Gruyere! There’s a giant castle and the cutest little village and of course, CHEESE. We had fondue for dinner this night after going and seeing the birthplace of Gruyere cheese and let me tell ya, bread dipped in melted cheese as an entire meal is definitely something I can get behind.


Day two in Switzerland just solidified the fact that I loved this country. We went to Gruyere and walked around the castle and the village, taking all the pictures because it’s just the cutest little town and has the most amazing views. I’m not kidding when I say that all I ate this day was bread, cheese, and chocolate. It was all of my food dreams come true.

We went to the Cailler chocolate factory, which was an interesting experience. You go on this tour that outlines the history of chocolate, but you move from room to room and the tour guide comes on over loud speakers and there’s animatronics and flashing lights and sound effects and honestly, it was mildly terrifying. It was pretty dark so I kept expecting something to jump out at me because I’m a child and still afraid of the dark. And since we went on a Thursday in the middle of the day, Brooklyn and I were the only people on the tour which made it a little scarier, haha! But it was really interesting. Apparently Quetzalcoatl is the one who brought chocolate to the ancient Americans, and then the Spanish conquistadors took it to Europe. Mary Antoinette requested chocolate as her last meal before being sent to the guillotine. Chocolate was only a drink until a like 200 years ago, so the idea of eating chocolate in a solid bar form is a relatively new concept.

You get to taste chocolate at the end, and before you do that, you get to taste and feel and smell all the different parts of the chocolate. You can study cocoa beans and vanilla stalks and cocoa butter and the cane sugar. And they give you almonds and hazelnuts to munch on before devouring all the chocolate, and my mother will be happy to know that my picky eater tendencies were converted to raw nuts on this visit to a chocolate factory.;-)IMG_0043IMG_0044IMG_0054


The tiniest little stone staircase that I walked up for pictures sake, but my fear about climbing to high places or getting on the water has gotten exponentially worse since carrying around my camera. The nightmares about dropping it and shattering the lens or watching it splash into the water are REAL.


Flower boxes!!!



Cailler (pronounced like caille in Spanish) chocolate factory!



Swiss grocery stores have entire aisles dedicated to nothing but chocolate. They do not mess around.


What kind of daughter/sister would I be if I went to Switzerland and didn’t bring my family back a giant chocolate bar bigger than my face?

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