Even this city girl likes the countryside sometimes.

Yesterday I got to check something that’s been on the English bucket list for years. I got to go on a walk through the country! It wasn’t a hike in the Lake District, but lavender fields and hairy coos and the occasional glimpse of a little town in Kent were by no means a disappointed. It was the most gorgeous day, potentially the most gorgeous day we’ve had here. The weather was up in the high 50s, so all of my layers came off and we got to enjoy short sleeved weather. My arms haven’t seen the light of day in months, and the sun coming from the blue skies felt oh so good! Plus, when we got back to the city, we noticed some of the trees near our street have the beginnings of flower blossoms and I’m crossing my fingers that they’ve erupted in blooms by the time we get back from Switzerland this week. Also, can we talk about the fact that this semester, sentences like “when we get back from Switzerland this week” are a thing? No one pinch me.


You see those pink blossoms? I have a feeling spring in England is going to be my favorite.



Here you get two options- take the bridge or charge straight through the river. Most cars chose the river. It looks a lot deeper in this picture than it actually was.



Hairy coos! I thought these were just a Scottish thing, but apparently they hang out in Kent too.



Lavender fields! I’ve never seen lavender like this. There’s a farm just down the road from here where you can have delicious lavender ice cream (and also amazing honeycomb ice cream) and it smells like it’s built of lavender.



Walking around these fields is surreal. I’m all of a sudden aware of how big this country is while also remembering it’s smaller than Georgia.



So much algae in the water. Also the row boat is named Miss Lazy. Also this little canal is just darling.


Window flower boxes? I die.


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