Afternoon tea is my new favorite thing, and spring has sprung in London!


I don’t think I’ll ever stop taking pictures of Big Ben. Every time I’m over in Parliament Square, I snap some more.


I couldn’t leave Westminster Abbey out of the fun!


I’ve been over by Westminster a couple of times over the past week, and I’ve seen these flags slowly start to pop up. I have no idea what they’re for, but they sure make Parliament Square look festive!



Practicing my fancy camera selfie while waiting for the bus;-)


One of my new favorite things is taking the bus and riding as close to the front at the top as possible. I love love love riding around the city and reading. It’s so relaxing and you see more of the city than when you just ride the tube.

Today Kailee, Lindsey, Brooklyn, and I went to afternoon tea! I haven’t made it to tea yet, so I feel like I can leave London now without guilt. I mean, this is a British staple! And let me tell you, dressing up and having a reservation was so fun. And the Ham Yard Hotel is gorgeous and it was all so photogenic and delicious! If I was rich I think I would go to afternoon tea every day.


So many options! But the wild berry is what everyone got and it did not disappoint.



Straining the tea was way more fun that anticipated. Pretty much that’s how I felt about afternoon tea as an experience. Way more fun that I thought.



That pink macaroon and those scones with jam and clotted cream… yummmmmm.



Sugar cubes! I guess this is why people in movies ask if you want one lump or two… can you tell I’m not a regular tea drinker?



The aftermath of afternoon tea!

IMG_9751Spring is… springing (?) in London! It was a cloudy afternoon, but I strolled around Hyde Park and admired all the flower buds. I sure hope the city explodes in springtime greenery before we have to head home!IMG_9756IMG_9758IMG_9761IMG_9763


Finally made it over to the Prince Albert memorial!



Something about flowers makes me want to practice freelensing.



That is one fashionable bird if you ask me.


Can you believe Kensington Palace is a mere 5 minute walk from the Centre?


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