Gypsies and food and disco balls, oh my!

Now that I’m all caught up on my blog, I have this sudden urge to keep it really updated with fun little stories. Crazy, right? We’ll see how long I can keep it up.



This cracked me up, even though I don’t drink coffee.


Things noticed in the front seat on the top of a double decker bus- double decker buses are made by Volvo?



Pink, sparkly, and reminiscent of a disco ball, aka ready for dancing at any time. Need I say more? #LOVE

My life the past few days has revolved around food, and I’m not even mad about it. On Monday, after a week spent on a bus with 50 people I already spend all day every day with, I was in desperate need of a me date, and it was the best thing. I took the bus over to a mac and cheese restaurant called The Mac Factory (thanks to a late night mac and cheese craving the night before- is there anything google can’t find? I literally typed in mac and cheese london and multiple options popped up in seconds #blesstheinternet), and much to my surprise, I met one of the most interesting people and also had my faith completely boosted in humanity.

The restaurant worker asked if I was a student because they were going to offer me a student discount, and there was only one other person in the restaurant, and since it’s just a little hole in the wall shack, he overheard and started asking me what I was studying. We started talking about literature and book censorship in the States (which was interesting because we’d just had that conversation in class that morning). He ended up moving to my table to keep talking to me, which was fun. I found out his name was Sasha.

I learned a lot of things about Sasha. When I asked him where he was from, he said he was “eurotrash” and raised as a gypsy, but he’s been living in Sydney for the last 5 years. He’s here on tour with the Australian Chamber Orchestra and they have a couple concerts at the Barbican this week. That was exciting to hear because I just went to a concert at the Barbican, so I totally knew where he was talking about! Anyways, he plays the viola and has played for 30 years I think? He kept apologizing for talking so much, but said he was afraid if he stopped talking  he would succumb to jet lag or thinking too much about his girlfriend’s miscarriage (she was in a hospital down the street). We talked about literature and movies (we had both recently seen Arrival and LOVED it, so that led to a discussion about languages and how our brain works). He asked what I wanted to do when I finished school and I asked him about his music. He had never had mac and cheese before, and we ordered the same kind of mac, so it was fun to see him try it for the first time and fall in love. It was so interesting! And random. And awesome.

The super sweet thing about this situation was the way the workers kept checking on me. There were two guys working, and the one who had offered me the discount was never far away. I could see him watching me and Sasha out of the corner of his eye, and I got the sense that he was looking out for me, making sure I wasn’t uncomfortable and that Sasha wasn’t overstepping any boundaries. That just totally boosted my faith in humanity. The worker didn’t say anything to me, but I could tell he was aware of me, and I just so appreciated that, even if the conversation didn’t turn into anything ugly.

Now back to the food, to keep up with the randomness of this blog post. After mac and cheese, I hit up Harrods for a zebra cronut and apple, rhubarb, and cinnamon lemonade, which I haven’t gotten since Mom and Aunt Dana left, and which was so worth it because it tasted so good, even if I was completely stuffed afterwards.

On Wednesday, we crossed a major item off my London bucket list- we went to Taco Bell! We started the day off with a visit to Greenwich, which is beautiful and cool, especially since we got there by boat and it’s the home of the Prime Meridian. I had way too much fun taking videos of myself jumping over the line from hemisphere to hemisphere, and seeing what cities carved into the ground I’d already visited. After chilling there for a while, I jokingly suggested going to Taco Bell to Brooklyn, Kailee, and Lindsey, and they all said that sounded awesome with no hesitation! So, a bus, a couple tube stops, a train ride, and a half mile walk later, we made it to Taco Bell. Oh how I’d missed it! My traditional order of two crunchy tacos with no lettuce and an order of nachos tasted nothing like American Taco Bell, but I loved it nonetheless. Definitely worth the trek out to say I went to Taco Bell in the UK. Then we went to the Dunkin Donuts across the street, and after our tour of Parliament at night we also hit up Shake Shack, because why not. It’s a good thing we’re walking all over this city, or the freshman fifteen would be a thing all over again.

Anyways, here’s a bunch of pictures from the boat to Greenwich and a boat museum we went to and the Prime Meridian. And also pictures of restaurants and my new favorite shoes that look like pink disco balls and make me very happy and have nothing to do with this post except for I wore these shoes when I met Sasha the gypsy.IMG_9666IMG_9668IMG_9671


There is Braille everywhere. I love how accommodating the British are in their museums.



The epic ending fight scene in Thor 2 took place in the courtyard of this fancy white complex. There’s another picture later.



I was so happy to see Tahiti and Brazil represented on the West side of the Prime Meridian. So so proud of my cousins, two of my very best friends, who are currently serving missions there. Erin comes home in just a few months (yay!!!!) and I’m telling myself Matthew’s year mark is a lot closer than it is because I want him to be closer to being done than he actually is.



Update- they tasted good! The tacos tasted like my grandma’s homemade tacos, and the red seasoning on the chips were similar to Dorito dust. So not my idea of Taco Bell, but not bad.


And, to wrap up this post, a poor waitress who couldn’t understand my name.

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