We went to this cotton mill town called New Lanark in Scotland and it was weeeeeeird. By the time our tour was over and we were leaving, all of us were getting sketch dystopian vibes. It sure had pretty river views though!



The Glencoe lookout was so so beautiful and so so cold.



We saw, I kid you not, FOUR RAINBOWS on our tour. If that’s not a testament to how magical it was, I don’t know what is.

Oh my goodness SCOTLAND. Easily one of my new favorite places. Rachel and I decided to take a Loch Ness bus tour instead of spend the day exploring Edinburgh (I know, I wanted the country over the city? I was surprised too, which is why I went for it. Who knows when this will happen again?) and it was one of the best decisions we’ve made so far here. Our tour guide had the most amazing Scottish accent that probably I could have listened to all day, and the views were to die for.

Fun facts I learned about Scotland- the whole country’s population is only 5.5 million people. Isn’t that tiny? Also, there are no trespassing laws in Scotland. They believe in the right to roam, which means that you can legally go wherever you want. Our tour guide was saying that you should be polite and ask the owners if you can camp on their land first, but legally, you’re not obligated to. Interesting, right?

Ok, let’s talk about Loch Ness. First, Loch is pronounced like you have a hacking cough. Second, Loch means lake, so you don’t have to say Lake Loch Ness. And also, all the lakes in Scotland are called Loch something. Also also, Loch Ness is famous because it’s HUGE, not just because of Nessie. It has more water in it than all the other lakes and rivers in England combined. And if you took all of the water out of it, it could cover England in 3 inches of water. The water is super dark because it has peat in it, and because it’s so deep and dark, no one really knows what’s inside it. Hence, Nessie.IMG_9533IMG_9546IMG_9548IMG_9552IMG_9553IMG_9563IMG_9564IMG_9572IMG_9574IMG_9579IMG_9583IMG_9586IMG_9588

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