North England/Scotland day one- Preston and Liverpool!

Alright alright alriiiiiight, I’ve been pretty behind on blogging (I accidentally killed my blog. It’s a long story but basically I accidentally deleted all the pictures and had to re-upload them. It’s all fixed now, but I had to get that taken care of before moving forward). And at the risk of being obnoxious for posting so much on social media, here are like 50 million blog posts about our center-wide trip to North England and Scotland last week! I’ll break it up like I broke up Italy so it’s not overwhelming.


The Preston temple! Totally stole this idea of taking a picture through the gates from Dot.



This garden in Preston has a bunch of shout outs to the Church, which is super cool. Preston is where the first LDS missionaries came too (and where President Gordon B. Hinckley served his mission!), and we took a tour through Preston with a member of the Church so he told us all the history. It was amazing to learn about how well received the Gospel was in Preston. We even got to see the house where President Hinckley was living where his dad wrote him the letter saying “forget yourself and go to work” and where he prayed and dedicated himself to the Lord. So cool.


This is the River Ribble, which is where the first British baptisms (and a bunch more after that) happened! There were two men who wanted to be the first person baptized in Britain, so they literally raced to the water to try to be the first. The younger guy won. Apparently when a lot of baptisms were happening it became a community event as park goers saw a commotion and stopped to check it out.

Our first stop was at Preston! I was so excited to stop there because up until a few months ago, I didn’t realize that Preston is nowhere near London so the Preston MTC and the Preston temple are not the same as the London temple. So, I loved seeing the Preston temple and walking around the grounds. Plus, one of my roommate’s last semester has a little brother who just went to the Preston MTC, so it was cool to wave at the windows and think of him there.img_9349img_9352


We passed by this carousel and ended up coming back to ride it and it was the best. decision. ever. It was just me and Rachel riding it and turns out, carousels are even more fun when you’re 21 than when you’re 5.



Liverpool is the home of the Beatles, so fitting that there was a yellow submarine on the docks. You can rent it out and stay in it!


Then we spent the night in Liverpool, which was awesome. That was probably one of my favorite 24 hours of the whole study abroad. We were paired off in hotel rooms, so Rachel and I had a room all to ourselves. We ordered food in, watched You’ve Got Mail, and then slept in in the morning and walked around the Liverpool docks. We didn’t have solid plans, we didn’t force ourselves in to any museums, we just hung out and took it slow and had fun! It felt like a vacation. It was the best start to one of the best weeks here.

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