Hadrian’s Wall and Whitby Abbey! Also the end of Scotland/North England posts.



Sheep! So many sheep! And while I am the opposite of an animal person and am mildly terrified every animal is going to eat me, that doesn’t mean I won’t take all the pictures.


The trees at the top of the horizon line make this scene look allllllmost like an African safari.


Hadrian’s Wall! Another place I’ve thought about since high school. It’s super super old, no one know’s why it’s here, and it’s preserved as an English Heritage site, even if no one knows why it exists. We drove past it and I thought we weren’t going to stop, and I was so sad, but then we went to a little museum and we got to walk to part of the wall and the walk was through herds of sheep. So crisis averted.

After Hadrian’s Wall we hit up Whitby Abbey, which is what inspired Dracula, and it also the epitome of cathedral ruins. It’s right on the shoreline, it looks out on a super cute town (Whitby is definitely on the bucket list), and it was rainy and windy which made it extra Gothic.IMG_9641IMG_9651IMG_9658IMG_9660


I’m realizing I love docks. I think maybe I need to take a day trip to Brighton just to hang around some more docks. Also when I get back to Provo probably California trips need to be a thing.



Also, what would a ruined open air Gothic cathedral on the shore be without a super creepy old graveyard?

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