A long anticipated visit to Ambleside and the Lake District

Ever since high school English with Mrs. Finco, I’ve longed to see the Lake District. I’d seen pictures of hikes through green hills dotted with sheep and I’ve watched Pride and Prejudice and the whole Kiera Knightley on a cliff image pops up as soon as North England is mentioned. We got lost trying to hike, but it was so so beautiful. The Lake District is so worth a visit. I think it was this day that I realized I wanted to do a two week trip to England one time where I spend a week in London and then a week road tripping through the Northern half of the UK and just taking all the pictures and walking through the soggy fields.


The view from Dove Cottage! That’s William Wordsworth’s home, and we spent the afternoon looking at his old manuscripts.



The water got so high in the evening that it completely covered the dock. There’s a pic a little further down where I’m standing in the same spot but you can see the dock.


Sunrise on the lake!



This swan was totally showing off, putting his wings up like that and swimming around.

We stayed in a youth hostel in Ambleside, which was super sketch, but now I know what a youth hostel is like! We were at Windermere, near Grassmere, and it was seriously so beautiful. The Lake District is on the go back bucket list.IMG_9398


The reflections in the water were INSANE.



Oh hi there dock! And also props to Allie for knowing how to pose people and turning me in to a model for a mini 3 minute photo shoot.



Graffiti is even more out of place on little Lake District cottages.



This is the moment where I decided I want these types of letters in my future home. Idk what they’ll say, idk where they’ll be, but I want them.

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