Venice! I LOVE Venice.



If I could have picked only one canal pic, I would have. Would you believe me if I told you that the following pics are the trimmed down ones? I have more. I’m obsessed.


My mind is still blown that a city can fully function literally on water. Venice, you’re amazing.


Hello from the Venice version of public transportation- ferries! Definitely the chilliest but most beautiful way to get around.



So. much. PINK! Can you see why I loved Venice? Pastels, mostly pink, dreamy canals. I’m moving in tomorrow.


The view from the front of our hotel. I know.




We skipped Doge’s Palace in favor of just wandering Venice and it was the best idea ever.




So apparently Venice’s Carnival was starting the day we left, but there was already confetti all over this one street. Brooklyn and I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to play with colorful confetti in Italy! I’m working on a video. Get so excited.


Also, a city that covers itself in twinkle lights is a city I can get behind.



We went on a gondola ride and yes, it is as magical as you think it’s going to be. Our gondolier was born and raised in Venice, and he’s lived here his whole life. He’s been a gondolier for 30 years and kept telling us he’s 100% Venetian. How amazing would it be to love the place you’re from as much as him? He said he gives the same tours every day and still finds new corners of the city that make him fall in love all over again. Life. Goals. 





Also, Venice by night is the most peaceful, serene place. At least in off season.



Alright, Rome was cool, but Venice totally and completely blew me away. I fell in love so hard and fast. I could go the rest of my life without going to Rome and probably be somewhat okay, but I have to go back to Venice. As we were leaving, Brooklyn literally wrapped herself around a column and said to just leave her, she couldn’t go back to London. So the feeling was pretty unanimous among our group. I don’t even know what else to say, except that Venice is amazing and the stuff dreams are made of. 48 hours later and none of what happens feels real.

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