Rome, day two.


I love the tube. Slash the subway. Slash any form of underground transportation anywhere.





Blurry of us, but also the only non-selfie we have from the whole trip! Dot’s on the far left, then me, Rachel, and Brooklyn.


Ok, there are armed guards standing next to huge armored cars everywhere in Rome. And it was slightly terrifying, and Rachel and I were trying to figure out why, and we finally got it! Basically, you see law enforcement in the US and don’t think twice, but if you see a police officer with an obviously padded vest and a machine gun, you know something’s happening that’s not normal. It’s a riot or there’s a disturbance or someone needs to be extra protected. So machine guns and bullet proof vests in the States means something is wrong. In Italy, it’s the norm.




View of Rome from the Vatican! See what I mean about all the orange and pink tones?


There’s so much art in the Vatican, it’s incredible. I don’t even know what this particular statue is or who made it, but the movement in this stone was so amazing to me.



This is the School of Athens by Raphael, and we learned about it two weeks ago and went to go see a replica in the V&A Museum in London. And then we’re walking through the Vatican on our way to the Sistine Chapel and bam, on the wall, there’s the original painting. Ten minutes later we were in the Sistine Chapel, which we also learned all about two weeks ago. So, so neat.




This whole one hand crossed leaning pose was a popular one? I have no explanation for why I look like this in every picture from that day. People think that because I’m a photographer I know how to pose myself, which is deeeeefinitely not the case.;-)



We went in to St. Peter’s Basilica to see Michelangelo’s La Pieta, a sculpture I learned about in high school. Totally worth it.


The second day in Rome was by far the longest day of the trip. It was the only full day we had in any one place, and we were so dead by the end of the day. All of us had sore feet and back and brains, we were a mess haha. We were all very ready for bed that second night. Speaking of bed, our hotel in Rome was darling! It was owned my this family, and the grandma cooked breakfast every morning and her son and daughter ran the front desk and gave us the best recommendations for where to eat, what to see, and most importantly, where the best gelato was. We went to all of their food recommendations and tried to hit up their places to see, and they didn’t lead us astray even once.

Rome is so full of amazing art and history, our brains couldn’t even handle it. By the end of the day, we’d see a Renaissance painting or a marble sculpture and hardly bat an eye. We felt terrible, and also amazed, because how is that even possible? Definitely worth the crazy stress and hassle to see everything. Rome, not too shabby!

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