Rome, day one.


So patriotic! Maybe everything in America and England is red, white, and blue and I just don’t notice it, but I felt like there was a lot of green and red and white in Italy. It was awesome.


Brooklyn was so excited I’m pretty sure she cried on the train ride in to Rome. I love her.


Orange trees, orange trees everywhere! It almost felt like Florida with all the palm trees and orange trees and stucco houses. Is Italy supposed to feel like Florida?




The Spanish steps!



Trevi Fountain! I love the myth that comes with this place. You toss one coin in and that means you’ll come back to Rome, two coins in and you’ll find love in Rome, and three coins and you’ll get married in Rome. As romantic as Italy is, I only threw one coin in.;-)




GELATO. GUYS. I ate gelato two or three times a day with zero regrets. This one, our second gelato on the first day, was my favorite. Chocolate and raspberry for the win!



Maybe this is common knowledge, but it never occurred to me that you would go inside the Pantheon. It was way cool though.



Wow. Italy. It was amazing. I took so many pictures so I figured I’d do three posts for all three days. Rome was pretty much what I expected, but also not. It’s dirtier than London, and also way warmer. Wandering little side streets in between orangey pink buildings with paint peeling and flower boxes in the windows and orange trees lining the streets, it was like a dream. I think that was the coolest part about going to Italy. Going to London was never something I questioned. Whenever I see pictures of London or New York I want to be there SO BADLY it actually hurts. But seeing pictures of Italy was more like, “oh yeah that looks amazing it’d be really cool to go” but then I’d move on immediately, because I knew that anytime I stumbled on a couple thousand dollars, those would go towards New York or London before they ever went towards Italy. So Italy was always somewhere I wanted to go but wasn’t sure it would ever happen. And then all of a sudden I’m walking the streets of Rome and eating pasta and gelato for every meal and saying “grazie!” over and over? It was so surreal. In the best, most peaceful way. Italy itself is not peaceful, but that feeling of walking around when you didn’t know if it would ever happen, that was peaceful.

I think that’s the biggest plug I could ever make for a study abroad. As I was walking around Rome, I couldn’t stop thinking, why would you ever not do a study abroad? Who would rather be in Provo right now? Why would you pass up an opportunity to traipse around Europe, taking selfies in front of fountains and eating gelato three times a day? Everyone needs to do this. Which, if you talked to me three months ago you’re probably rolling your eyes so hard because I was about to pass it up. I was going to pass this up. As soon as time travel becomes a real thing I’m going to go back in time to when I was sitting on the floor in my friends’ apartment as they told me about their study abroads and told me how worth it it was and how I just have to go and how they wouldn’t talk to me if I didn’t go because I’d be making a stupid decision by staying, and I would shake myself and tell myself to stop worrying about it and just go already! It’ll be so worth every penny, every sacrifice, every second of those four months away from home.

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