Night life in London and a goal for the rest of this study abroad.



Went back to Westminster to take all the same photos I took in the daytime at night and it feels like two different places while also being insanely familiar. Who knew the sight of Big Ben would ever be familiar?

Eliza, one of my roommates, pointed out a few days ago that essentially, we only have a month and a half left in London. I’ll be abroad for 2 1/2 more months still, but four weeks of that will be spent traveling outside of London, and that’s so crazy! As soon as we all realized that our time in London itself is half way up, we hit the town and saw Westminster at night. And then the next night, I convinced ten people to go on a late night run to Covent Garden with me for cheese fries and chocolate shakes from Shake Shack, and it was such a party! I’m always so so happy when I decide to go out, even when staying home in pjs reading a book seems like the better idea. London never disappoints. So, goal for the rest of this study abroad? Try to get out and see London at night at least 3 times a week.img_8701


Thumbs up for London!


The National Gallery! There’s so many incredible pieces of art in there, it almost doesn’t seem real.



I know the last four pictures look like the same picture, but I had to include all of them, not for the sake of my vanity, but for the sake of the story! These lions are so much bigger than they look, and I kept seeing people climbing up to get pictures with them, and it was so much harder than I anticipated because the stone is super smooth and even though it looks like there are lots of ridges to put your feet on, it’s a lie. Also it was very very wet. But no regrets. So I guess it’s not much of a story, but it is a fun memory I want to remember.




So so excited that we stumbled upon some Chinese New Year decorations! I thought we’d missed them, so all of these red lanterns made me real happy.


Trying out the stereotypical Asian tourist look with my squinty eyes, cheesy smile, and peace signs!


I love her. So much.



Pretty pretty colors in Borough Market.




Felicia and I both saw a little video on Facebook about Chin Chin Labs and their hot chocolate, so we had to go see for ourselves. And that video wasn’t kidding, they scoop a huge ball of marshmallow on top of a cup of hot chocolate that tastes like three dark chocolate candy bars melted together, and then they take a torch and toast it. So so rich but so so good.


I’ll never stop photographing friends lovin’ on friends.


Hey, so this was a fun moment! We were walking around and all of a sudden I saw this scene and allllll the flashbacks came back and I realized I’d come here! When I was at Oxford we came to visit Camden Market and I’d completely forgotten until this moment. It was so fun to instantly recognize everything.


Would it even be a complete blog post if I didn’t include a picture of some colored houses?

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