A month in. Whaaaaaat.

Wassup wassup wassupppppppp. That’s the only way I could think to start this blog post. I’m not even sorry.img_8584


Dramatic statues in Hampton Court making me laugh.



Not gonna lie, the first glance I had of Hampton Court I may or may not have thought it was just another old castle in England. Cooooooool. But then we went inside and saw the most beautiful views of Kew Gardens from the windows of the bedrooms and the greenest grass I’ve ever seen was in the second courtyard and I was sold.



There are SO. MANY. BIRDS. in England. But they line up all cute like this on fences and basically they’re just begging for their picture to be taken.





All these stripes make me think of “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.” Toot sweets and wind up dolls and everything!


Apparently this is the first puzzle maze in England! Also it was rather small and claustrophobic. Also also I’m still unclear as to whether we got to the center or just walked around the edges forever. I guess we’ll never know!


Brooklyn pretending to be Harry Potter. I love her.


Don’t mind all the mud on my shoes- there’s a brick wall covered in giant gold flowers. #GOALS

We’re a month in. Is that crazy or what? On one hand I want to cry because that means only two and a half more months, and on the other hand I feel like I’ve been here foreverrrrrrrr and probably I’d be fine with coming home now. But also not because ENGLAND. So, in the name of homesickness and also all the London love, here are two lists:

List One: Things I Miss About America

  1. Taco Bell. Not even going to pretend I don’t miss this less than classy place. Gonna be one of the first stops when I’m home and I’m not even a little bit kidding.
  2. Provo. Is it terrible that I miss Provo? I miss the mountains and singing musicals in the car with some of my favorite people and knowing a city so well I don’t have to think about where I’m going.
  3. Regular Doritos. Not that I ate them that much, but I tried red Doritos here (it’s called chili heat wave, fyi) and they are weiiiiird. And now I feel sad for these poor British people who don’t know the beauty of real Doritos. At least the Brits know that cool ranch ones are good.
  4. The normal, mundane things, like going grocery shopping and cooking dinner (not that I did that that often) and having a chill Saturday morning where you don’t have any plans and you don’t feel guilty for not having plans. The regular ebbs and flows of normal life that I’d never thought I’d miss, but I’m looking forward to doing again when I get home.
  5. Grocery stores. Actual grocery stores with aisles and aisles of food that I recognize! Because Tesco (the grocery store here) was cute and charming the first two times but I would really like to recognize what brand of toothpaste I’m buying. Also, say what you want about obesity in America, but the land of the free has their priorities straight with all of the snack options! The day when there’s more to choose from than Cadbury chocolate and Walker’s crisps will be a happy day indeed.

That being said…

List Two: Things That Are Bomb About London

  1. Public transportation. The tube. Oh the tube! The Underground and all of the many lines and the hundreds of tube stops is the best. And there are buses and trains and just, public transportation is the best. I’ve read so much, for fun, no less, since being here because I can read on my way to places and not have to focus on the road! Bless the tube forever and ever.
  2. Blue skies. I don’t know what it is, but London has the prettiest blue skies with the fluffiest, wispiest clouds I’ve ever seen.
  3. And while we’re talking about skies, GOLDEN HOUR LIGHT. I love the way the sun hits the tops of the buildings at the end of the day. It’s beauty in the purest form.
  4. Painted houses. Forget conformity in America, I’m painting my future house cotton candy pink and I’m going to feel literally no shame. The hues on these buildings are to. die. for.
  5. Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. Need I say more?
  6. My roommates. I have met some of the best people here. I love my roommates so much. Some of the funniest, sweetest people I’ve ever met. Brooklyn signs with me for hours on end, Rachel keeps me up to date on politics in America, Allie cries about the royal family on the daily, Eliza always makes me laugh, Emma lets us ask her all the wedding planning questions, Natalie gushes about Oxford and Shakespeare with me, and Hannah is the chillest, most hilarious room leader in the world. And there’s so much more to say about them! To quote Allie Jones, “flat one or flat fun, am I right?”

As I was writing this, it was funny to see how none of the things I was worried about before coming were things that made the list. I was worried about losing all of the sign language I had learned, or not making new friends, or losing my old friends, or failing my classes or not liking London or whatever. But none of those things have been problems. In fact, they’ve been the opposite of problems. I’ve learned so much sign language and gotten so much better already, thanks to the most patient deaf roommate and best friend. I love the people here so much my heart could burst (sometimes I feel like the Grinch- my heart is growing three sizes and my body can’t stand it!) and I still talk to people at home. I have the best grades I’ve had since coming to college, and London is a dream. I get homesick and tired and things aren’t always perfect, but when I sit down and start to come up with reasons to love being here, it only takes two minutes before I’m so in love with London I could kiss the dirty sidewalks.

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