We do have to do school here too.

I know it sounds like all I do is fun things, and I would be lying if I said that wasn’t true. It’s just not completely true. We do have to do school here too. For example, I brought my music textbook on the tube to church to start catching up on reading, and so far every museum I’ve visited has been on assignment. So it’s not aaaaaaall fun and games over here.

Fun things that happened in school- on the first day of our World Music Cultures class, Dr. Lindeman said he was going to play a song for us. I assumed that he was going to play it on Youtube or something, but then he sat down at the piano and started playing the piece himself! And he was so good! It was a beautiful jazz piece, “A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square,” and my respect for Dr. Lindeman just flew through the roof. Also he dresses like the quintessential musician, with glasses with a neck strap and baggy corduroy pants and his hair is just a little disheveled always and it’s just cute.

We’ve also started Brit Lit, and it’s essentially my British Literary History 1 class but in a more general sense, and it’s actually in London. I wasn’t the biggest fan of my Brit Lit class the first time around (part 2 was more my jam), but I’m realizing that I remember more than I thought I did, so that’s exciting. Dr. Kerr, never fear, I learned more than we both thought. For example, Beowulf is an Anglo-Saxon text. And also we have to memorize a sonnet this semester, and since I had Dr. Burton last semester, I had to memorize a sonnet then too. And would you know, I actually remembered it, so if you ever need Sonnet 29 in a pinch, I’ve got your back. Yay for remembering there’s a reason I’m an english major!

Also, some fun facts that I learned at the Museum of London the other day- “pub” is short for public house, and Jack the Ripper only murdered prostitutes. So yay for learning!

And now a bunch of pictures that have nothing to do with these words but I love them anyways so here ya go! Seriously, the past few days have reaped a few of my favorite pictures of all time.img_8190img_8195img_8196img_8205


Can you tell I love Big Ben? It’s not like I took 50 million pictures and then went back the next day to take more…



I just love how the lift button in Paddington Station said call.


There was a Women’s March in London on Saturday. Our bus drove right alongside them for a while. Regardless of my political opinions, it was interesting to witness this piece of history.



I took a picture for a couple right next to us, and then they offered to take one for us. I hesitated, but figured it couldn’t hurt, and as soon as I saw this picture it went in to one of my top five fav pictures ever. So thanks, random stranger! This image is a treasure.


Another current fav. Did you know the London Eye was built as part of the millennial celebration, and it stands for reflecting on the past while looking towards the future? The things you learn in school.



And lastly, my classic “this is my real life and I’m still not over it” face paired with my new favorite borderline hippie hairstyle to commemorate being reunited with Shake Shack. It was funny- we had been traipsing all over the city all day and I hadn’t realized how deflated I had gotten until we got on the tube after eating. I noticed I had perked up considerably and had energy again. even if I was so stuffed I wasn’t sure if I’d ever eat again. Oh, the wonders of food.





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