More pictures and I’m not even sorry.


I was reunited with Ben’s! They’re not as good cold, but I’ll go to Oxford and get some straight out of the oven and my love will be rekindled. (Also, this is my face in every picture. You think I’m kidding, but just wait.)


My street!


This is what the English city dwellers call their gardens. Don’t you dare call them yards- they’ll be super offended.


Cute wrapping paper in the Museum of London!



Reason 2 that I love the tube- instead of exit signs everywhere there’s way out signs. And that’s just adorable to me.


A little blurry, but it’s a recreation of a picture I took three years ago in this same spot with Sophie. The memories are too sweet here!




Making her pose without the props so I can get the lighting right. Love her.



So obsessed with painted houses.




And also obsessed with dramatic lighting. The two together, and I’m in straight up heaven.



Practicing my Vanna White posting amidst ridiculously expensive Georgian homes. (P.S. See what I mean about the face?)



The IVY! I’m dead. I’ve died and gone to heaven.



This is Holland Park Mews. I may or may not have spent 20 minutes here taking aaaaaaall the pictures. It’s my new favorite place in the world.



A Brooklyn sized door!



Give me the keys to this blush pink house and I’ll move in tomorrow.





This is right off of one of the biggest streets in Kensington. It’s the Kyoto Peace Garden and it lives up to its name- it’s so serene! And beautiful.



How many more times can I say I’m in love before it doesn’t mean anything anymore?



Just so in love with London. I know it’s all I’ve been saying, but seriously. A typical day here is going to class in the morning, then grabbing some sort of snack at the center (usually leftovers or cheese and crackers or sneaking a roll from last night’s dinner) and then hitting the town. My favorite afternoons so far are the ones where we go on a walk. We’re assigned to walk around certain neighborhoods around London, taking pictures and learning about the history. I’ve learned way more than I ever would have sitting and reading from a textbook, and I explore neighborhoods of London that I’ve never heard of and wouldn’t have thought to go to.

All my doubts about coming have dissolved within this first week. The scared introverted part of me that hopped on the plane went to sleep after the first few days and now I’m just enjoying every second here. It’s why I love the city so much. The quieter, more timid Mallory that seems to show up around strangers back home disappears when I’m handed an Oyster card and put in the middle of the city. Suddenly I’m dancing in the middle of French teenagers at the end of Mamma Mia and stopping every five seconds to take more pictures and staying up late into the night chatting with my roommates. I just love city Mallory. I like how she gets up and does things. How she goes out every day and walks everywhere and learns the tube map. How she’s happy and on top of things. And while I like to think that that’s me always, that hasn’t been the case as much as I wish it has been. But as soon as my plane landed and we hopped in the first cab, the confidence I dream about appeared and it hasn’t disappeared yet.

So, to all the friends and family members who listened to me talk myself in to and out of and back in to coming again, and who patiently (but firmly) told me to go and negated all my worries- you can say it now, as much as you’d like. You were right. You were so right. And I’m so grateful for that.

Now I’m going to go ahead and cancel my flight home because I think I’ll just stay here forever.



And to wrap this up- just a peacock casually chillin in a park in the middle of London. Is this a dream? It has to be.

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