The animals in Hyde Park have no fear

img_7805img_7807img_7809I’m not kidding. I was convinced they were going to eat me. On the first day in London, Rachel and I were incredibly jet lagged and also incredibly hungry, so we walked over to Hyde Park (which is literally two blocks away from the centre and I’m only dying a little bit) and ordered a pizza to share. We got our food, picked a table, and that’s when the animals started to arrive. Pigeons, squirrels, and other birds started crowding our table, shuffling around our ankles and hopping up on the table. They kept creeping closer and closer to our pizza, and as irrational as it is I was mildly terrified that they were going to start nipping at my ankles or just go straight for my face and attack. If it wasn’t for Rachel and her smart, rational shooing away, I probably would have run away and left the pizza to the birds (literally).

Which leads me to the squirrel with the hot chocolate. There was a girl a couple tables away who was me but without a Rachel to save her, and we looked over at her as we were leaving and she was standing next to her table, clutching a sandwich and watching wide eyed and terrified as a squirrel started to move in towards where she had been sitting. She finally decided she couldn’t take it anymore and just bolted, and then the squirrel swooped in and went to town on the hot chocolate. And got a little spot of whipped cream on his nose which just turned him in to the cutest thing.

After adequately documenting the thief squirrel, we turned around to see another squirrel leap into the trash can and crawl out a few seconds later with a completely intact hamburger, bun and all. He leapt to the ground and made a run for it, and Rachel and I just watched in amazement, wondering how all the animals in Hyde Park aren’t fat and have so little fear.

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