Funny incidents that happened while leaving

  1. I packed wayyyyy more than I intended and as I was sitting on and trying to zip up the bag I was going to check, the zipper (which was already ripping) completely popped. So I ended up needing to take a monstrously large checked bag that Dr. Burton with his little carry on is going to roll his eyes soooooo hard at, but oh well.
  2. I ordered the last of my textbooks from the BYU bookstore and got shipping that I was pretty sure would make it in time. Then I got the shipping confirmation email and they were sent to arrive Monday by 8pm. Well I had to leave Monday at 4pm. So all day I’m checking and crossing fingers and praying they get here. The time comes to load my bags in the car and as we walk outside, guess who rolls up? None other than the angel FedEx man himself. God is good. I ran down the driveway and thanked the FedEx man so mush he probably thought I was crazy.
  3. On the way to the airport we got stuck in horrible traffic that made us an hour late to the airport. When we finally got to the scene of the holdup, there was debris EVERYWHERE. It looked like a recycling truck had tipped over. So that was terrible and now that it’s over, kind of funny.

But it was all worth it, because this is the street I’m living on (at sunset) for the next four months. Pictures don’t do the pink sky justice. The end.


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