Hi hi I’m blogging again.

Hello! I can’t think of a non-cheesy way to start a blog, so instead I’m just going to write whatever I feel like, cheesy or not.

I’m going to England! I know, it’s very exciting. I’ll be studying abroad in London for the next four months, and as part of that whole adventure I’m going to be keeping up this blog! Partly because I want a place to put all the 50 million pictures we all know I’m going to take and the 500 million words we all know I’m going to have, and partly because I’ve been assigned to do it ;-). Idk how often I’ll post, but it’ll be at least once a week.  I’m going to try really hard to be as unfiltered and vulnerable as possible while still being filtered because, c’mon, it’s the internet. Pretty sure I’d be cheating if I didn’t make it all sound at least a little better than it actually is. But really, I have a lot of words on all the things so probably I’ll write a lot like I talk and it’ll be fairly close to stream of consciousness. I’m an English major, but don’t expect fancy schmancy scholarly writing. It’ll be a lot like this.

Now I’m just rambling, and I’ve already got another blog post in the works, so we’ll just leave it at this. See y’all on the other side of the pond!

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